Here are a few things to know about growing butterfly bush.


1) First thing to mention is regardless of what some people think, they are not yet listed as a prohibited or regulated invasive species in the state of New York. Proven Winners has sterile varieties in the Lo & Behold and Miss Series so look for those to keep you mind at ease if this is something you are worried about.

2) Buy and plant your butterfly bush in late spring to mid summer. Fall is a bad time for planting butterfly bushes unlike most other perennials and shrubs. They need some time to get established.

3) Make sure you plant them in full sun.

4) They are very susceptible to root rot. Don’t plant them in an area where snow will pile on top of them or where water will gather after a rainstorm. You should also plant them high. Leave some of the root system (an inch or two depending on the pot size) above the soil line and mulch over the top.

5) The next spring, wait for the new growth to emerge, but be patient, butterfly bushes take their time waking up in the spring.

6) Typically they will have a lot of die back on the top two thirds or even all of the top. Prune the dead off after it starts pushing new growth.

That’s it!

With these pointers you should be well on your way to successfully growing your non-invasive butterfly bush!